“Innovation is to make improvements of things that have already existed. It is the art and science of applying creativity to develop practical solutions.”

This is the virtue in which Excell spent nearly four decades continuously improving on.

Our R&D team has taken steps to improve the design, functionality and overall usability of Excell products. Including, over 250 patent features and more benefits all integrated into Excell designs, making them ideal for the packaging industry, stationery chain stores, assembly factories, home centers, DIY stores, supermarkets and hardware stores.

"Excell is willing to invent new products for essential necessities. The goal is to improve the working environment and generate efficiency while encountering diverse challenges.”

To maintain a good customer relationship, Excell’s R&D team responds to complaints or product defects spontaneously. We treat customers’ problems as our priorities. Nevertheless, this efficiency is only possible with respect to our strong and professional R&D team. Our team is made up of experienced engineers and market developing specialists whom have been in the industry for over 10 years. Together as a team, we are to create innovative products with thoughtful functionality and durable structure all integrated in one.

Excell products are found on shelves in most specialized stores and large hardware retailers in more than 86 countries under its own label or bearing famous foreign brands. We are well recognized as a professional packaging supplies manufacturer with high quality standard and innovative features, and a brand that stands tall and strong in the industry.