Excell tape dispenser gun manufacturer was founded in a complicated and breathtaking culture; this heritage has shaped the company’s vision and its mission, which is to excel in the delivery of a perfect tape dispenser. Almost four decades, Excell is stronger than ever and is looking at the future with ambition. As a pioneer leading the traditional industry, for almost forty years and growing, Excell had faced many fair challenges. Those difficulties solving came from our strong research and developing team, in which every eligible pioneer is well trained and equipped with innovative design ideas.

“To make a better world from the little things”

Cooperating with Excell means professional support to output classic tape gun designs. The fine details of our innovations and the functions we improve to benefit work efficiency.

Each line of our tape gun dispensers is designed to meet a need, fulfill a desire, or something that designers worry about in particular which is worthy too, so the customer doesn’t have to. The designers are doing work which is extremely critical at the function of improving work efficiency. If innovation has got anything to offer, our hand held tape dispensers are designed to be more thoughtful, wiser, deeper, and better considered. This opens up to unlimited possibilities.

A strong color combination of Mimosa yellow, the color of happiness, joy and sunshine energy, representative of Excell’s strive to provide a level of service that is second to none, and a deep blue jade, a decent color that is eternal and forever, strikes a balance between the compassionate side of Excell and its ability to provide an excellent range of high-quality products.

As Excell moves forward, it hasn’t forgotten its humble beginnings. The origin is kept as a living testament of our journey, through its gardens and architectures that are rich in Formosan carvings and sculptures reminding us to be grateful to be at where we are today. Excell’s values reflect the cultural heritage it has grown from. It is with these values of honesty, humbleness, and respect for others that Excell has managed to carve a name for ourselves in this competitive industry.