Excell was one of the first to integrate computerized management in Taiwan over 28 years ago, guaranteeing superior levels of pre-sales and after sales communication.

On-time delivery was critical in the development of Excell’s reputation as a trustworthy and capable partner.

Most of Excell’s departments, including international trade, manufacturing, finance, human resources and policy making divisions are all integrated into our Internet Enterprise Resource Planning (I.E.R.P) system. Adopting this system has made our work more efficient by simplifying working procedure. Secondly, products’ quality is maintained at a level due to less human errors and efficient resource planning. Last but not least, data integration has allowed us to provide prompt reply to customers and cooperative suppliers.

Trading through Excell’s I.E.R.P system provides customers with prompt and on-time services. The services include shipment order tracking, inquiry delivery and online customer services. Furthermore, our program reminds us of each and every customer’s special requirements.

I.E.R.P System has also made it possible for us to send material purchase and provide purchasing orders’ efficiently, saving valuable time and resources thus increasing control over purchasing procedures.