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Excell Co. is a tape dispense expert. Every uniqueness design aims to efficient the whole sealing experience. Cooperating with Excell means professional support to output classic designs.

Sealing is important but tape cutting is equally as important to the entire tape dispensing process. Excell aims to make both taping and cutting experience easier, faster and safer. With this in mind, Excell has developed series of 2-in-1 products which incorporate excellent cutting devices and smooth sealing mechanisms into one tape dispenser.

Our dispensers are designed to compensate 2”, 3” and 4" wide tapes. Strong and durable, these dispensers are designed to survive rough handling and are equipped with tension control capabilities, power suction mechanisms all incorporate to one hand operation. The tension control knob is also in place to control the tension, ensure a tight seal during operation and helps reduce operator fatigue. Natural rubber roller provides a smooth flatten taping experience