Hard to discern any significant differences between pouch tape dispensers and label protection tape dispensers?

Now, it’s easy to defend against the tape which you know what type of tape to purchase.

In fact, pouch tape and label protection tape are specifically designed to perform the a little bit different function. Keeping those documents or labels safely closed in different ways and under different conditions.

 1)  Pouch tape can make your packing list, documents enclosed when you put it on boxes or cartons.

l  The pouch tape are guards information against weather damage

l  keeps packing list or label on the package for safer delivery

l  can help reduce the trouble of losing files and getting damp take your shipment more convenient and easily


2)  Label protection tape is a transparent tape up to 6” wide

l  Can be used to protect non-waterproof labels

l  Protect labels unclear or lost from various possible kind of reasons affected during transportation


Of course, as wise you will need a high-quality, well-cut tape dispensers to use. Attention to tape dispensers’ quality are important because it impacts the work efficiency of the product.

We can provide you with a better experience of pouch tape dispensers and label protection tape dispensers.


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